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FORMHAUS supports the non-profit organization SHELTERSUIT.

Giving shelter, acting environmentally conscious, creating opportunities.

As a project developer, we create high-quality living space that offers security. In doing so, we focus on the use of natural and sustainable materials. Our maxims include giving people protection, acting in an environmentally conscious way that retains its value, and offering opportunities. This is what connects us with SHELTERSUIT.

FORMHAUS supports the non-profit organization that provides immediate shelter to the homeless, uses upcycled materials and creates jobs. SHELTERSUIT convinces with fast help and innovative products – the SHELTERSUIT and the SHELTERBAG – that alleviate the symptoms of homelessness worldwide. They keep dry and warm and reliably protect people living on the streets from wind and weather. Only high-quality materials are used and recycled in production. SHELTERSUIT products are produced by people with a distance to the labor market, such as refugees and former homeless people. This creates attractive employment opportunities for communities.

Currently, SHELTERSUIT is based in the Netherlands, New York and South Africa. The organization’s vision is to provide shelter to every single person who is homeless around the world.

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Social commitment

The Roma, a strongly excluded population group in Romania, often live under inhumane living conditions without medical care, education and prospects. An existence in shacks and garbage dumps, a condition in the middle of Europe that is unbearable for us.

To help the children of the Roma, we regularly provide financial support to the non-profit organization “Kinderhilfe für Siebenbürgen e.V.”, which was founded by Jenny Rasche and her husband Philipp Rasche in 2003 and is still run with enthusiasm and passion today. Jenny Rasche and her team run a mix of projects in and around Sibiu in Romania, including school care, children’s homes, foster families and extensive family support, and are achieving considerable success.

If you would also like to support the children in Romania, you can find more information about the foundation “Kinderhilfe für Siebenbürgen e.V.” here.

Social commitment

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Formhaus takes responsibility for a sustainable future

Sustainability and lasting value are two of our most important success factors – among other things, we attach great importance to sustainable construction using solid construction methods in our projects.

We decided to do something for a sustainable future outside of our daily business and support our partner Eden Reforestation Projects.

Eden Reforestation Projects is a globally recognized non-profit organization that not only plants trees, but also creates jobs for numerous destitute people around the world. Learn more at:

We make donations at regular intervals. For example, we plant ten trees for every new newsletter signup. Sign up for the newsletter right now – not only will you receive the latest information on our current offers, but you’ll also be making the world a little greener!

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