13 October

A piece of nature conservation with every click: FORMHAUS donates more than 5,600 trees.

Deforestation and the destruction of forest areas are an increasing global problem with serious impacts on our habitats. Developing countries are particularly affected. In order to protect nature from overexploitation and to give the population a perspective in places where the poorest of the poor struggle for survival, the US organisation Eden Reforestation Projects is committed. The non-profit, globally active initiative supports reforestation projects and thus becomes an important employer in impoverished regions. In order to fulfil the vision of planting at least 500 million trees by 2025, donors and sponsors are being sought worldwide.

Eden Projects' appeal met with an open ear and broad approval from the Munich-based project developer Formhaus. "The topic of the environment has a high priority for us; every plan is created in and with nature," explains Formhaus Managing Director Tobias Alter. "Sustainability aspects are incorporated into every one of our projects - be it through green open spaces, environmentally compatible materials or energy-efficient technology." That's why the Eden Projects initiative in particular is a matter close to his heart. "The fact that this is not only about living nature conservation, but also about giving local people an important task is simply great," adds Dr. Clemens Rutz, who manages Formhaus together with Tobias Alter and Henry Börnicke.

To ensure that as many people as possible learn about this initiative, they came up with something special and linked the donation to the company's newsletter registration: since the start of the campaign in March, an impressive 561 registrations have been collected. That's 5,610 new trees for current Eden Projects reforestation projects - active help for nature, people and our future. Further sign-up clicks for the Formhaus newsletter are still gladly accepted.

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